Swara Bhasker in trouble for abusing child actor; complaint filed with NCPCR


Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker is in some serious trouble, following her comments in a chat show. Swara in an appearance with stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra on Hotstar’s chat show Son of Abish, hosted by ex-All India Bakchod (AIB) comedian Abish Mathew, had opened up on her experience of shooting for a soap commercial. She had revealed how she was expecting a soap advertisement like the stars, but was surprised to find that she has to shoot with a four-year-old child. While recounting the incident that happened during her advertisement days, she referred to the child artiste she was then working with as ch***ya and kam**na.

During the episode, Swara mentioned that children can be evil sometimes, proceeding to add that one child she had worked with a while back had called her aunty and that had irked her. Mocking how the child called her an ‘aunty’, she used an abusive word for the child, apart from words like ‘kameena’, ‘menace’ and ‘evil.’ Social media had gone on an uproar for her comment. Since the episode of the chat show came out, Swara has been trending on Twitter.

Later, several complaints were also filed against her. An NGO called Legal Rights Protection Forum has filed a complaint against Swara for her actions. The official Twitter handle of the NGO recently tweeted, “Filed complaint with NCPCR against an actress named Swara Bhasker for her racist & discriminating comments against children of southern part of India during a TV show. Sought strict action against actress & directions to remove content from all its online accounts.”

A Bharatiya Janata Party leader named Akash Joshi also registered a complaint with the NCPCR. Sharing a photograph of the complaint he filed, he wrote on Twitter that he would not rest till Swara Bhasker was put behind bars. In the letter, he urged the authorities to take strict action against the Veerey Di Wedding actor. He also urged that action be taken against the others in the video for encouraging her behaviour.

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