Taliban prisoners being trained in POK to fight against India

Taliban war criminals are being trained in terrorist training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to wage war against India. (Photo: News Intervention)
Taliban war criminals are being trained in terrorist training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to wage war against India. (Photo: News Intervention)

Islamic religious extremism has not only destroyed Afghanistan’s history, culture and its traditions, but this inferno has engulfed the entire world, especially the Indian sub-continent in South Asia.

Even as the civilized world falls for the false promises made by Pakistan Army and ISI about their fight against Islamic extremism, yet the ground facts are completely different. It’s an open secret that the mastermind of this Islamic terrorism is Pakistan Army and its secret agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) that are destroying world’s peace for their own vested interests. Can the world feel safe if Pakistan Army, which also has nuclear weapons, is nurturing nurseries of radical Islamic extremism all over the world?

After the occupation of Afghanistan by extremist Taliban, Islamic jihadists have also begun to raise their head in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir (POK). It needs to be understood that after Taliban occupied Afghanistan all the Islamic extremists lodged inside Afghan jails were released. Among them were the terrorists belonging to jihadi groups from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK), who immediately after release found their way inside the POK (Azad Kashmir). Now these terrorists are trying to sneak inside the Indian side of Kashmir.

Neelam Valley, TattaPani and Hajira border in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) have become the launch pads of renewed terrorist activity. Recent spate of civilian killings on the Indian side of Kashmir proves that ISI has managed to sneak in several of these Islamic terrorists inside Kashmir. This is just the beginning and will escalate further.

The basic groundwork to strengthen terrorist infrastructure has already begun in POK. Over the last few days, jihadi organizations have given permission to telecom companies to start installing mobile signal boosters in Bagh and Rawalpindi to run their 4G internet services across Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The installation of mobile signal boosters are a clear indication that ISI is providing ‘employment’ to terror mongers and offering them state-of-art connectivity so that they can coordinate all activities.

In the recent past, no communications company was allowed to operate 4G mobile network in POK and Gilgit-Baltistan, such that in the year 2016 all such these installations of the telecom provider Jazz were removed citing strict government rules. In 2016, Rawalpindi had said that Jazz telecom had set up its mobile boosters on land belonging to the government of “Azad Kashmir” (POK) without seeking their permission. However, these mobile signal boosters that were purchased in 2005 were installed on privately owned properties in POK. From 2005 to 2016, Rawalpindi did not have a problem. The problem occurred when the company improved the internet speed, which was used by local Kashmiris to communicate with the outside world and report about the atrocities committed by Pakistan Army.

Now, when Rawalpindi has the wherewithal to monitor all telecom data it has allowed the installation of mobile signal boosters. All these point to the sinister gambit of ISI for POK.

ISI wants to use the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) as religious pawns and destroy their identity and culture like they have done in Afghanistan. In this regard, Islamic extremists including Jamaat-ud-Dawa have been activated.

Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen have been given freedom to hold meetings and programmes in various parts of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to propagate the jihadi narrative and motivate peaceful Kashmiri people towards religious extremism, in order to disturb the peace of India and undermine her sovereignty.

This poster is being distributed by Harkat-ul-Mujahideen across Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) that’s dubbed as “Azad Kashmir” by Pakistan. The poster urges local Kashmiris to donate money to the jihadi terrorists. (Photo: News Intervention)

A pamphlet has been published in this regard in which it is written that local Kashmiris must offer monetary help to the jihadists and be a part of jihad.

This poster goes on to list the items wanted by jihadis: Bed 4500 rupees, coat 3200 rupees, warm suit 900 rupees, warm hat 250 rupees, warm sheet 1000 rupees, shoes 2700 rupees, socks 150 rupees, gloves 250 rupees, undergarments 1050 rupees. Total goods for a Muhajaheed costs 14,000 rupees as per the poster released by Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. The poster urges local Kashmiris that through monetary help to jihadists they can also be a part of jihad while being at home.

It is not difficult to guess from this developments that in the name of Islam the Pakistan Army is not only making money through religious blackmail but also destroying world’s peace through exporting terrorism. All countries across South Asia have to bear this brunt of Islamic extremism.


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