The Baloch Motherland

A Baloch girl writes about Pakistan's illegal capture of Balochistan on 27 March 1948. (Photo: News Intervention)
A Baloch girl writes about Pakistan's illegal capture of Balochistan on 27 March 1948. (Photo: News Intervention)

Mother is the most valuable and precious gift in this world. A mother’s devotion and affection is everlasting as she remains concerned about her children. She always thinks good about her children, hopeful that the children would safeguard their mother in the old age.

My son is my eye
he is my future
he becomes adult
he will be a protector of his mother
he will accompany his father and brothers
he has swords and spears
Every time he will be fighting against enemies
he will be a protector of his mother.

Every human being has an ideology and belongs to a religion. Every human being believes and worships one Allah; bowing is obligatory. There are two types of worship, one way is to hold ones’ hand and pray to God, and the second way is to bow one’s head to pray.

However, sons often leave their motherland because of fear of death, considering their lives more important than their mother’s protection. Even when the motherland is occupied by enemies, her sons have managed to migrate to foreign countries for their safety. Ironically, they still claim that they love their motherland. What can be said in such situation?

But the motherland will still say, ‘Oh son, you are gone, but I do hope that you are fine and safe. Your departure has put me in deep sorrow and worriedness!’

I am often confused in such a scenario. People leave their motherland, but they claim that they love their motherland, so one needs to decide about the truth of such sayings. On the flip side, fear of death does compel a person to migrate, but they still retain their affection for motherland.

If an individual wants to live, he must live in his land. Similarly, if he wants to die, than he must die in his land. The success and victory are related to the protection of motherland in this world. Paradise awaits those who protect their motherland. My suggestion is that Baloch should sacrifice their life for the motherland. If a person deceives his motherland, he will be deemed as a fraud. And history never forgives fraud. If we look at the history of Bangladesh, then we can see the condition of those Biharis who were puppets in the name of religion. Today they are miserable and their condition is worsen than animals.

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