The ‘New’ Afghanistan

Taliban flogging the women.
Taliban flogging the women.

Taliban are just “normal” guys says Prime Minister Imran Khan
And that’s they’ve been given safe havens in Pakistan
They are people with immense piety
On a mission to banish all evils from society
For them, music, art and watching television are taboo
Because these the Devil has created only to seduce you!

In the Taliban’s truly pious land
People who steal will lose their hand
And should they dare to do so again
They’ll end up losing a foot in the bargain!
But, that ‘men will be men’, the Taliban seems to accept
So the idea of disciplining them, they outrightly reject!

Instead, to prevent men from casting lustful eyes
What Taliban has decreed is extremely ‘wise’
Women will have to cover themselves from head to toes
No matter if they suffocate in the sun or look like crows
And should a man still fall prey to a women’s charm
He can be rest assured of coming to no harm!

Instead, publicly flog the woman concerned- for shame and pain
Is necessary so that she doesn’t dare to ‘tempt’ a man ever again!
In the Taliban’s ‘New Afghanistan’ intoxicants, there will be none
But poppy cultivation for narcotic trade will continue to be officially done
Because while you may get paradise through piety in afterlife,
On earth, it’s hard cash that one needs in order to survive!

So, welcome to the ‘New Afghanistan’
Specially created for salvation by the Taliban!

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