Thousands of Afghans go into hiding in Pakistan to avoid forced eviction from the country

afghans repatriated
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Human rights activists have said that after the government’s decision to deport undocumented people, thousands of Afghans living in Pakistan for years have gone into hiding because they are facing oppression and persecution under the Taliban administration in their native country. Afraid of facing it.

A 23-year-old Afghan woman while talking to a news agency online from an undisclosed location said, ‘Her door is locked from outside, we are confined inside, we cannot turn on the lights, even we can talk loudly. Can’t even do it’.

Others said that local supporters had locked the doors to assure neighbors that the house was empty.

The woman from Kabul said that she was afraid that if she returned to Afghanistan, she would be prosecuted by the Taliban administration because in 2019 she had left Islam and converted to Christianity and had renounced the Islamic faith. This is a serious crime under the Taliban’s strict laws.

Human rights activists believe they are among the thousands of people who have gone into hiding in Pakistan to avoid eviction as the government pressures undocumented migrants to leave the country.

The administration has initiated action to capture the Afghans living in Pakistan after the November 1st deadline to voluntarily leave the country was passed.

Sijal Shafiq, a 30-year-old human rights activist based in Karachi who has helped many vulnerable Afghans find residency before the government’s policy, is among other petitioners asking the Supreme Court to stop implementation of the government’s deportation decision. is one of the.

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