Tibetans protest in New York against China’s genocidal policy on Tibetans in Tibet

Tibetan Community Protesting Against Ham Zheng In New York (Photo: Social Media)

China received a protest from the Tibetan community in New York on the sidelines of the UNGA meeting.

Chinese President Han Zheng was in US and scheduled to meet with world leaders yesterday when a significant number of Tibetans flooded the streets outside the building in New York. People of all ages participated in the protest, voicing their concerns about the persecution of Tibetan children.

The message from the Tibetan community was loud and clear: Han Zheng is not welcome here with Tibetan blood on his hands. According to Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), a US-based Tibetan rights organization, ‘With over 1 million Tibetan children forced into Chinese colonial boarding schools, Han Zheng intended to use this week’s UNGA meeting to legitimize China’s genocidal policies in Tibet. We made sure that didn’t happen.’

Protest through illuminated digital banners

SFT also called on the UN to protect Tibetan children and close down the colonial Chinese schools in Tibet. Additionally, SFT organized a projection action to protest against the Chinese CCP and expose its actions to the world. As part of this action, high-rise buildings were illuminated with digital banners highlighting Tibetan concerns and Chinese brutality.

The banners displayed messages such as ‘Han Zheng and China are committing genocide in Tibet,’ ‘United Nations, don’t let China commit genocide,’ ‘Abolish China’s colonial boarding schools in Tibet,’ and ‘Tibet will be free.’

Amidst all this, United States has announced visa restrictions on the Chinese officials in response to the forced Tibetan Children’s colonial boarding school on Friday.

It is worth mentioning that China has committed some of the most egregious human rights violations in Tibet. Not only has it attempted to change the demographic composition of the region, but it has also coerced the Tibetan community to adopt Chinese-prescribed ways of life. China is making extensive efforts to eradicate ancient Tibetan culture subtly and replace it with a more pro-Chinese sentiment to legitimize its control over the land. In doing so, it has compelled Tibetan children to attend colonial boarding schools that, under the guise of education, alienate them from their culture.

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