Top Ex-Taliban ideologue Muhammad Umar Jan Akhundzada shot dead in Pakistan

Sheikh Muhammad Umar Jan Akhundzada (Photo: X)

Sheikh Muhammad Umar Jan Akhundzada, a prominent Afghan Taliban ideologue, was shot dead by unknown assailants in a mosque in Quetta’s Nawa Kali area. He was 50 years old and the son of Mullah Bayan, originally from Zabul, Afghanistan, according to Pakistani officials. Akhundzada served as an Imam in a local mosque in Quetta.

The Afghan Interim Government (AIG) spokesman confirmed Akhundzada’s assassination and revealed that he had been a teacher at the Kandahar Jihadi Madrassa in Kandahar. Zabihullah Mujahid, the AIG spokesman, expressed condolences over Akhundzada’s death and condemned the assassination, urging authorities to apprehend the perpetrators.

Maulanas like Akhundzada have played a significant role in perpetuating terrorism under the guise of Islamic jihad. They often portray heinous acts as acts of bravery and religious crusades, deceiving individuals, particularly impressionable youth. In past few months, people like him – associated with terrorism – are being killed by unknown assailants in Pakistan. Clearly, harbouring terrorist elements has made a significant dent on Pakistan. In fact, terrorism has been one of many issues that has led to Pakistan’s current detriment. But now it seems they are getting rid of those, who are either useless or are dis-aligned with ‘Pak Terrorism’.

Akhundzada can be categorised in latter, as he was close to Afghan Taliban and living in Pakistan, at a time when bitterness between Afghan Taliban and Islamabad is at all time high.

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