TTP wrecks havoc on Pak Army, kills 21 personnel

TTP attack on Pak Army
TTP Terrorists (Photo: Social Media)

Pakistan is facing the wrath  of its own misdeeds when it comes to the damages inflicted by the terrorist organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). At the western front, Pakistan is witnessing a significant rise in terrorist attacks by TTP which ranges from small standoffs and shelling on Pakistan Army to capturing villages and an attack on Airforce base in Mianwali. Point being, the intensity of attacks is constantly on the rise raising serious questions on self-proclaimed number one army.

In the latest development, Pakistan Army has suffered a huge loss of 21 personnel in multiple attacks by TTP in just couple of days. The attacks started since the night of January 9th  in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province with the most dangerous attack in Lakki Marwat area, Bannu yesterday.

In an ambush attack on the Pakistan Army convoy at Mianwali Road in Lakki Marwat, 12 personnel died while many were left injured, as claimed by TTP. In the statement issued by TTP, its spokesman Muhammad Khurasani stated that soon after the attack 2 helicopters and 5 ambulances were rushed to the site.

Khurasani claimed that the number of casualties may be even more. According to him, TTP also engaged in a direct firing with the personnel of Pakistan Army in which two of its terrorists, named Aftab alias Maling and Ehsanullah alias Ahmed got killed.   

More TTP attacks

Talking about the attack a night before, Khurasani stated that TTP terrorists barged into a Police check post near Laki Toll Plaza at Kohat-Indus Highway in Kohat district and killed 5 police personnel. The ruthlessness of the terrorist didn’t stop there, later, they also attacked a police vehicle that approached the attacked site that resulted into the potential killing of three more police men.

TTP also looted the weaponry from the deceased police men. On the same night, TTP also attacked a police post in Mandan Torkala area of ​​Bannu district, killing 4 police personnel, including an ASI. Apart from the killings 3 police men were brutally injured. Furthermore, in the ensued gunfight, 2 terrorists were also slain.

Since past year, TTP has emerged as a consequential terrorist organization, which has ruptured the Pak Army façade of security at the wester front. The interplay of Pak Army and TTP, which had earlier, devastated the local Pashtun population in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has now become a havoc for the same Pak Army. The terrorists, whom they harboured and provided with the combat prowess, are now using the same against them. However, even more disappointing is the fact that Pakistan Army still employes terrorism as a key instrument in its policy for regional instability. Also, it does not refrain from employing coercive measures against its own people who raise this issue for the betterment of Pakistan. This makes it evident that Pakistan is trapped in a sphere of violence that could eventually end up ceasing its own existence.

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