Two Balochs shot for a minor traffic violation in Sistan and Balochistan

balochs shot
Injured Baloch and burnt Police car (Photo: News Intervention)

A traffic police official in Sarbaz, Sistan and Balochistan, opened fire on a car, causing injuries to two Baloch individuals. The incident has sparked widespread outrage and led to clashes between the people and the police.

On 28 June, a traffic police official in Sarbaz, Sistan and Balochistan, fired shots at a car in response to a minor traffic rule violation. The reckless action resulted in the serious injury of two Baloch individuals, whose identities have not been disclosed.

Following the shooting, public resentment quickly escalated, leading to confrontations between angry locals and the police. The incident has exposed the community’s frustration with the perceived irresponsible and anarchic behavior of the police force.

The escalating tension reached its peak when the enraged crowd set a police car on fire as a sign of protest against the incident and their dissatisfaction with the authorities’ handling of the situation.

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