UK May Be OK: Medical Assistance in Dying Law


Humanists UK has been pushing for what they have been terming a compassionate assisted dying law, in which there is a law set forth in support of a “compassionate, humane, assisted dying law.”

This movement comes with a wide variety of terms. One of the important aspects of all of this is the public support for it. The Royal College of Physicians is opposed to a humane right to die law.

However, if we look into the public support, it is overwhelming at 80%. 4 out of 5 citizens support the law for this most important of choices about the end of the journey — likely — for human life.

The recent survey can be important for the advancement of medical assistance in dying, in a prominent nation. Humanists UK formed the Assisted Dying Coalition.

With the cooperation and coordination with other organizations, this can be an important move for the empowerment of those who truly want to plan and make the choice for their final days.

UK citizens may be forced to travel to another country for an assisted death. If most of the nation wants it, and if this can be passed to democratically support what the nations wants, then this can be an important democratic advancement and, in fact, a compassionate one too.

Photo by Erzsébet Vehofsics on Unsplash

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