UNGA passes Gaza ceasefire resolution as Israel pumps sea water into tunnels in Gaza

Tunnel In Gaza (Photo: Times Of Israel)

The UNGA passed a resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, marking a rebuke against the US, which had previously blocked a similar resolution in the Security Council. With 153 nations in favor, 10 against, and 23 abstentions, the nonbinding resolution holds significant political weight. On the other hand, Israel has started pumping sea water in tunnel in Gaza

Heightened Conflict

At Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, Iranian-backed fighters, including Hezbollah, executed 12 attacks from southern Lebanon. Despite ongoing Israeli defense operations that have notably diminished Hamas’s capabilities, Khan Yunis, once deemed a safer zone, has become a primary battleground due to intensified Israeli assaults. Reports indicate Palestinian militias resisting Israeli attacks from Khan Yunis’ north and east fronts, launching seven such counteroffensives. Over a million individuals have fled northern Gaza since October 13, with approximately 215,000 seeking refuge in UNRWA camps within Khan Yunis.

Escalation in West Bank and development in Gaza

Simultaneously, the situation in the West Bank has deteriorated, amplifying international pressure on Israel. Seventeen clashes between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces have been documented, alongside reported attacks on Palestinians by settlers.

Meanwhile, Israel has started to pump sea water in tunnel network operated by Hamas in Gaza, which are used as launchpads and shelters. Amidst various apprehensions regarding environmental and Humanitarian concerns, Israel has clarified that there are no hostages in these tunnels.

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