Unidentified men kidnap polling staff from 5 stations in Pak-Occupied Balochistan

Polling Staff Abducted in Balochistan Ahead of Elections
Polling (Photo - Web)

Mir Wais Achakzai, the candidate of the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party from constituency PB-50 Qila Abdullah, has said that unidentified individuals have kidnapped staff from 5 polling stations in the area.

In a video message, Achakzai stated that personnel from 5 polling stations were kidnapped.

“The unidentified individuals took away the ballot papers and other electoral material along with the kidnapped staff,” he said. Further added that the Chief Election Commissioner and other puppet authorities have been informed of the situation.

Achakzai has demanded that the kidnapped election staff be immediately recovered and provided security to ensure their safety and the integrity of the electoral process in the constituency.

Polling staff

Interestingly, Killa Abdullah, the deputy commissioner said that no such incident of abduction of polling staff has occurred. However, the Election Commission of Pakistan directed the deputy commissioner to submit a written report.

This event is not really a shock, as the Pak Army has never accepted its loss and always led the elections according to its way. Balochistan took a decisive step and boycotted the fake election stunt, and this paved the way for an unidentified group to take the bold step and teach the Pak ‘establishment’ an important lesson.

Earlier, in Feb, a senior bureaucrat in Pakistan accepted his involvement in the rigging of the recent general elections in Pakistan. Along with the confession, various reports and videos flooded the social media that showcased the malpractices that occurred during and after the election. Booth rigging, and tampering with ballot boxes, as bags full of stamped ballot papers were also found in the Mand.

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