We need to act according to changed scenario in the region: Dr Naseem Baloch

Barkhan tragedy
Dr Naseem Baloch, chairman Baloch National Movement (BNM). (Photo: News Intervention)

The situation in the region has changed, we have to make decisions according to the situation – Dr. Naseem Baloch

Baloch National Movement Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch while addressing the second central committee meeting of the party for the running term said that after the Ziarat tragedy, public resistance against state atrocities has increased in tandem with an increase in Pakistan’s aggression.  He said, “There have been significant changes in the region’s situation and Pakistan’s economy is in a state of crisis. Under these conditions, we have to take decisions in line with the situation at the level of our organization and movement”. 

He opined that the economy of Pakistan is on the brink of collapse as one sees that there is a  decline in the value of rupees against dollars. This has resulted in a lack of dollars which is used to pay its dues and hence has badly impacted various sectors of the state of Pakistan. He further said that Pakistan in order to get out of this crisis aims to use Baloch resources and hence it was imperative that they take important decisions to avert the exploitation of national wealth.

In the latter of his address, Dr. Naseem Baloch expressed his concern over the increasing trend of suicide in Balochistan and said that people were committing suicide in large numbers due to the situation in Balochistan. Many people in Balochistan suffer mentally and that Balochistan lacks medical facilities. He said that according to international standards, having one psychiatrist for every thousand people is mandatory, while in Balochistan there is not even one available for hundred thousand people. There are three or four doctors in the whole of Balochistan, one of whom is sitting in Turbat and the rest are sitting in a Shaal, to which the public have no access. He added, “We should play a role by assessing our resources and capacity to conduct awareness campaigns. Youth should not end their lives to get rid of their temporary sorrows. Our sorrows and difficulties are transient and will surely pass away”.

He saiD, “Leaders of FBM and BRP have given us positive responses for the collaboration on which we will further improve our contacts. Similarly, we should work together with the Pashtun and Sindhi nationalist parties. So that the world can see that Baloch and other nations are victims of Pakistan’s state oppression”.

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