‘We will defend Palestine with millions of Mujahideen’, Sayed Abdul Malik al-Houthi

Sayed Abdul Malik-al-Houthi urges muslims to unite
Sayed Abdul Malik-al-Houthi (Photo: Social Media)

The head of the revolution in Yemen and “Ansar Allah” “Sayed Abdul Malik al-Houthi” has accused that the West and the United States provide support to prolong the Israeli occupation. The West’s rhetoric in the name of rights and freedom is not for the Palestinian people, because in their eyes, the Zionists have the right to massacre Palestinian children and women. He said that the West has allowed Israel to perpetrate all atrocities on Palestine. He alleged that the West wants to keep the Zionists as its agents in the Arab countries so that it can target the Islamic Ummah.

Sayed Malik opined that Israeli crimes indicate that Western leaders are just as cruel . Syed Abdul Malik al-Houthi said that the West has a superiority complex and perceives human society as a tad bit stupid. Human rights organizations have not helped the Palestinian people for seventy years. The trends of the Security Council and its resolutions did not benefit Palestine, nor did they support women and children.

The head of Ansarullah said that the American and European governments want Israel to continue killing , but the Palestinians do not give up. They want to suppress the Palestinian cause by restoring relations with Arab and Islamic countries. He described resistance as the only solution to Israel’s withdrawal from Palestine. Sayed Abdul Malik al-Houthi said that Al-Aqsa Storm is a great and important operation which has been carried out for the legitimate right of the Palestinian people against the cruel and occupying enemy. He urged the Muslims to not be silent spectators when Western countries are supporting Israel and said that they should support Torfan al-Aqsa.

He expressed the hope that the entire Muslim Ummah will stand with Palestine. If necessary, Palestine with be defended with millions of Mujahideen.

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