What To Do In Orlando With Kids

Orlando, central Florida
Orlando, central Florida

Kids can sure be a handful; however, with enough to keep them busy, you should have little to worry. One of the best places to entertain your kids is Orlando in central Florida. Home to some of the most famous theme parks and amusement centers, the city is a significant destination for travelers looking to have fun with their kids. If you are planning a trip to Orlando, bringing your kids along could be like taking them to Santa early. Below are some fun things you can do in Orlando with kids. 

Things To Do With Teens In Orlando

The 110-acre home to crocodiles and alligators is one of the best adventures to give your teens in Orlando. Besides the alligators, the off-road experience, sudden turns, off-road car excursion, and funny tour guides are guaranteed a full star rating by your teens.

2. Kennedy Space Center
More than having fun, the Kennedy Space Center represents the Country’s commitment to outer space exploration. It provides an opportunity for your teens to learn while on the trip and have something to take back from your visit.

3. Seaworld
Seaworld provides up-close sea life fascination for your teens. Swarming with wildlife exhibits, Seaworld brings your teens closer to the animals they love and balances it with thrill rides on epic rollercoasters. You can extend the visit by heading to the Discovery Cove adjacent to the Seaworld.

4. Universal Orlando resort
Universal Studios and Island of adventure are two of the destinations for teenagers seeking thrill and immersion into TV. There is also the Marvel Superhero Island for their favorite superhero.

5. Shopping
Let your teenagers feel chic by taking them shopping. The Mall at Millenia, for example, has more than 145 shops. Enough to keep your fashionista busy throughout the day.

Best Playgrounds In Orlando 

1.The Walt Disney
The four parts of the Walt Disney World seem a bit larger than life itself. The World houses the Disney World water parks, Hollywood Studios, Toy story land, the new starwars land, and Pandora, the World of Avatar.

2. Legoland
Legoland is another massive amusement park that features character greetings, attractions, and lego-theme rides. The Lego Ninjago World, where your kids can try to destroy ghosts and skeletons.

3. Camp Jurassic
Hidden pathways, rope bridges, raised walkways, interactive dinosaur footprints, slides, and canopies in the Jurassic camp promises loads of fun for your kids.

4. The Boneyard
The Boneyard is another playground that your kids will love so much; it will be hard to get them to leave. Fossils and Bones in the structure and walls, climbing frames, and slides are few of the sights in the Boneyard.

Can I sneak my 3-year old into Disney world?

There is little need to attempt to sneak in your 3-year old into Disney World. The ground itself is a big as San Francisco with more than 20 resorts, two water parks, four golf courses, and four theme parks. Instead, you should get him a ticket. All you have to do is go to Disney World and purchase an entry ticket for yourself and your 3-year old. You can have free entry if your kid is below three, however, for a three-year-old, you need a ticket. Besides, trying to sneak in a 3-year old could attract a lifetime ban from ever coming back to Disney World. 

Can an International Traveler Sneak Into Orlando? 

Attempting to sneak into the United States is a criminal offense. If you are from a visa waiver country (VWC), you can apply via ESTA online application for access to Orlando. This is an application open to nationalities of countries that are covered under VWC. Although the final decision to allow you into the Country is determined at the point of entry, the ESTA authorizes you to board a ship or aircraft to the USA. First, you need to fill an application, confirm your data, make a payment, and receive your ESTA authorization via email. If you intend to travel to Orlando as a tourist with your kids, the visit must be less than 90 days with the ESTA. Between filling application and the final approval, you should check status of ESTA for an immediate status update.

Things to Do Around Orlando Airport?

1.Disney’s EarPort
The Earport is an excellent place to check what you might have forgotten to purchase during your visit to Orlando.

2. Kennedy Space Center Shop
A tour of the Kennedy Space Center shop about 55 minutes from the airport is the right place for last-minute shopping in Orlando. Plus, there is also an educative bus tour of the site.

3. The Club at MCO
The club is an excellent place to relax and wait before boarding your flight. There is a small playroom for kids, excellent food, and a bar with unlimited drinks for the adults.

The city of Orlando, Florida, has a lot to offer international travelers and their kids. A little fun during your visit won’t hurt.

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