Why does Pak want Kashmiri refugees to settle in Sindh?

Map of Sindhudesh (Photo: News Intervention) )
Map of Sindhudesh (Photo: News Intervention )

The Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) headed by Zafar Sahito has criticized any move to settle outsiders in Sindh. Slamming the Pakistani regime, Sahito said, “Pakistan is planning to bring Kashmiri refugees in Sindh.” He alleged that the Punjabi establishment have issued a letter to the Sindh government to provide details of agricultural and residential land owned by the Sindh government to bring more outsiders to Sindh for permanent settlement, while original inhabitants of Sindh are living miserable life below poverty line. “People don’t have water, food, own land and proper housing. Moreover, thousands of hectares of land and islands of Sindh have already been sold to China for CPEC projects,” Zafar Sahito added.

Claiming that Sindh has “become a hub of terrorist groups, who are being given shelter by the Pakistani regime” Sahito said, “various radical Islamist organisations are entering Sindh with the help of Pakistani intelligence agencies and establishment. They are threatening local Sindhi people and spreading fear among peaceful people.”

“Foreign nationals are not only creating economic burden on locals but the settlement of ‘outsiders’ in Sindh spreads HIV/AIDS and other epidemic diseases besides being the reason of persistent shortage of basic necessities. Rehabilitation of refugees in the Sindh province is main cause of destruction of secular values,” Zafar Sahito stated.

Reiterating that the outsiders are being issued CNICs instead of being expelled, he alleged that the “outsiders are snatching our rights”, adding that “the outsiders were being settled in Sindh through a conspiracy to convert the Sindhis into a minority, while feudal rulers of Sindh are destroying old villages and historical places, forcing poor people to leave their ancestral homes.” Their lands are being handed over to Bahria Town, DHA, Zulfiqarabad and other builders to save their corrupt skin from Pakistani generals and establishment, he claimed.

Pakistan receives millions of dollars every year from the UN and other donors in name of refugees, and by settling them in Sindh it destroys the future of indigenous Sindhi people who are the original inhabitants of Sindh, he charged.

On being asked, why Sindh is the target of the Pakistani regime, the JSFM leader said: “The Pakistani establishment knows very well that the threat to Pakistani nation identity is only from the Sindhi nation.” Because of Sindh’s secular values and historical identity, they want to convert us into minority so that in the future we won’t able to claim for our national freedom of Sindhudesh, he asserted.

Urging the United Nations and the world civilized countries to stop funding the Pakistani government, Sahito also demanded that the “outsiders must be immediately expelled from the occupied Sindh” in a hard hitting statement issued on Feb 13.

Sindh lost its real owners of land the Sindhi Hindus during the migration process. Thousands of non-Sindhi people poured in after that and the process continues, which in turn has made Sindhis a minority in their own land.

It may be noted that Punjabi Pakistani regime intentionally sent Bengali settlers to Sindh in the 1960s.  In 1979, Afghan refugees settlers were sent to Sindh due to war in their region.

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