Will there be a resurrection for Dr Deen Mohd Baloch?

Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security forces from Khuzdar, Balochistan on June 28, 2009. He continues to be
Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security forces from Khuzdar, Balochistan on June 28, 2009. He continues to be "missing" till date.

Countless people are born in this world who leave their mark on human minds. The past struggle of these characters shape the present and, thereafter, write the future’s history. Historians adore the character of these entities in their books. In my life I have also known several people who are no longer with us physically, yet their role compels the historians to put pen to paper and describe their amazing job. There are numerous such names in the history, whose roles are not easy to describe, but such characters force an author’s pen to describe what they had said, what they did in the past for they did not hesitate to jump into the fire like the mythical Nimrod. And so their deeds has become special indeed.

Several Baloch personalities are no longer with us in this mortal world and several others continue to suffer state oppression and endure the ordeals inflicted by the occupying Pakistani forces. The memory of numerous such leaders’ sufferings in these torture cells inspires me to pick up the pen and paper to write about them. Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch is one such personality whom I met seventeen years ago in 2004 at Quetta during the Baloch National Movement (BNM) council session. I had the opportunity to meet this great leader and from that day onwards we became good friends. Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch belongs to Mashkay and is considered one of the intellectual and ideological friends of the BNM’s revolutionary ideology. This what Martyr Ghulam Muhammad Baloch said to me about Dr. Deen Jan.

During those three days of the BNM council session, I saw Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch as a moderate politician and a revolutionary leader in our society. He traveled to Balochistan to carry out BNM’s revolutionary programs and independence slogan to every Baloch across every village and house. Dr. Deen Mohammad Jan’s sincerity and hard work led the BNM caravan to reach Balochistan’s every corner in a short period.

Dr. Deen Jan Baloch became a member of the BNM Central Committee in the 2004 council session. At the same time through his efforts the great leader of BNM, martyr Dr. Manan Jan also joined BNM and stepped into revolutionary politics. Both Dr. Deen Mohammad Jan Baloch and Dr Mannan are doctors and belonged to Mashkay. Baloch doctors have been ideological and political free thinkers. Dr. Deen Mohammad Jan’s efforts led the Baloch Doctors Forum and several organizations to become ideological allies of the Baloch National Movement.

On December 3, 2006 when Pakistani regime abducted martyr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch and BNM workers were worried about the disappearance of their leader, it was Dr. Deen Jan who made a prolonged visit to Balochistan and Karachi with other party members to mobilize the rest of the placid workers. Very soon thereafter, the BNM was reorganized.

In 2007, I remember when we joined the hunger strike camp in Quetta and started a campaign to join the Baloch women panel members, it was Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch who along with other friends visited our camp at Quetta. This camp had the full support of BNM and BSO Azad.

Despite being a government doctor Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch was a revolutionary leader and an active member of the BNM. When martyr Ghulam Muhammad was released from the Pakistani torture cells after nine months and was bailed out in eight fake cases, Dr. Deen Jan stood up with martyr Ghulam Muhammad along with other friends and organized party programs at Malir, Karachi and engaged in preparations for the 2008 council session. Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch held a successful revolutionary session on 15 July 2008 where once again he was elected as a member of the Central Committee of BNM. Henceforth he joined the freedom movement with martyr Ghulam Muhammad Baloch.

On April 3, 2009 the Pakistani security forces martyred Ghulam Muhammad after his enforced disappearance, his bullet-riddled dead body was found at Murgap. Dr Deen Jan along with other friends attended the funeral prayers at my home at Mand. I was spellbound to see the comrades of martyr Ghulam Muhammad’s funeral caravan.

Unfortunately, I am writing these words today out of sadness after the loss of several friends in my life. In these tragic times many friends in the caravan went away but several others stayed until the last breath of their lives and history will remember them always. Many of these friends are undergoing physical and mental torture in the Pakistani prisons for the last ten to twelve years.

Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch who was among those who attended the funeral prayers of martyr Ghulam Muhammad. I was honored to host him at my home on the occasion of martyr Ghulam Muhammad’s funeral. At that time I didn’t know that this honor would not be possible again during martyr Asif and Atif Jan’s funeral after they were martyred by Pakistani security forces.

The next day Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch had said goodbye and promised to meet me again. But even Dr Deen Jan didn’t know, nor the martyrs of Murgap knew that this will be the last see off. On June 28, 2009 a friend informed through a phone call that Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch had been abducted by state-run Pakistani intelligence agencies by breaking into his house while he was still on duty at Ornach, in Khuzdar. I am still waiting for Dr Deen Jan for the last twelve years. Dr. Deen Mohammad’s innocent daughters are also waiting for their father. Will there be a resurrection?

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