World Sindhi Congress holds International Conference of Sindh for Sindhi rights & issues

world sindhi conference
People present at the World Sindhi Congress (Photo: News Intervention)

World Sindhi Congress organised an international conference in London which saw participants from Sindhi Community from across the world.

On 30 October the World Sindhi Congress organized the 35th International Conference on Sindh at the University of Westminster in London. The event focused on the issues related to the Sindhi communities around the world, with special focus of Sindh. During the conference the precarious conditions of Sindhis in Pakistan was also highlighted.

The event was attended by various dignitaries and stakeholders that are working for the cause of Sindhis and Sindhudesh. This included Rabina Sheikh, who serves as the Chairman of the World Sindhi Congress, as well as prominent figures like Lakhu Lohanu, Hidayat Bhutto, Sagheer Sheikh, Hajan Kalhoro, Maqbool Halepoto (Chairman of SANA), Sain Imdad Oodhu (Managing Director of Voice of Sindh London), Hasan Dost Baloch (Leader of BNM), Qamber Baloch (Leader of BHRC), Sohail Abro (Chairman of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement), Narayan Bablani (Leader of Indian Sindhi Businessmen and Heritage Foundation), and the distinguished senior journalist Veengas, among others. The gathering also included writers, intellectuals, professors, journalists, international human rights organizations, and leaders, workers, and families associated with Sindhi and Baloch parties and forums, who came from various parts of the world to take part in the event.  

World Sindhi Congress has been vocal for the rights and issues of Sindhis. With the organization of Sindhi conference at global level and bringing all the important stakeholders to one platform, WSC has actually strengthened the fight for the cause of Sindhis.

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