Zelensky is ready to sell Ukraine for drugs and dollars

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine. Zelensky was a comedian before taking over the reins of Ukraine.
Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine. Zelensky was a comedian before taking over the reins of Ukraine.

As a republic in the former Soviet Union, Ukraine (ancient name — “Ukraina”) was home to most educated, civilized and prosperous people. After Soviet Union’s disintegration, Ukraine became a victim of American conspiracies and has now turned into a country of the most backward, poor and drug addicts. The erstwhile Soviet Union disintegrated only due to the devious games of America. The decision to give independence to every republic of the erstwhile Soviet Union was that of the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin, which was a terrible mistake.

Ukraine and Russia share a common historical heritage. Russia was born from the present-day capital of Ukraine– Kiev. Ukraine and Russia have the same race, and both were the same country. When Russia weakened, the geographical region which is today’s Ukraine was subjugated by foreign powers and became an independent nation Ukraine. In the Soviet Union, Stalin had kept it as a separate republic. Stalin had committed gruesome atrocities on these people in the name of collective agriculture, due to which lakhs of people died.

When Britishers wanted to subjugate China, they first made opium freely available for the people, and when they became opium addicts the Chinese were enslaved by the British. Americans played this same game in Ukraine. The US used its money power to overthrow Ukraine’s elected government, and then made its favorite drug-addicted comedian Volodymyr Zelensky as its president. Thereafter by making drugs easily available the whole country was turned drug addict. Through Turkey a lot of opium is imported from Afghanistan under American protection, and is made easily available across Ukraine. Opium extract is the main choice of the drug addicts in Ukraine. Drug addiction among young people is on the rise.

Drug addiction and sexual promiscuity are rampant in Ukraine, which has led to a rapid rise in HIV infections. Thousands of Ukrainian girls travel to other countries to make money through prostitution. A lot of them are in Thailand. Even in India, all those white-skinned prostitutes roaming around in metropolitans are Ukrainians, who claim to be Russians. Drug smuggling into Europe is carried out by Turkey through Ukraine. All the drug goods in Turkey come from Afghanistan, in which wealthy Americans have a hand. The whole world knows about it. Billions of dollars are invested in this business, so no one can stop it. If anyone raises his voice, (s)he is immediately killed. The only thing we can do is to keep quiet and keep ourselves and our children safe from this menace.

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Ukraine's forces to lay down arms and head home. (Photo: AFP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Ukraine’s forces to lay down arms and head home. (Photo: AFP)

Ukrainians have been turned into drug addicts. Ukraine gets billions of dollars in aid which is only misused. Now the situation has turned such that Ukraine is only interested in consuming drugs and begging from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the European Union. NATO and the European Union no longer want a useless country like Ukraine to be their member. And NATO is using this useless country against Russia. The aim of America and NATO countries is to destroy Russia. For this purpose, they have made Zelensky and Ukraine a scapegoat. Volodymyr Zelensky is a fool and a drug addict who has destroyed his country in the greed of becoming a member of the European Union and NATO.

Inviting NATO against Russia and massacre of Russians in Ukraine has forced Russia to wage war against Ukraine. If Ukraine had declared that it would not join NATO, neither there would have been this war nor much of this needless destruction. In his greed for power Zelensky is provoking this war. He doesn’t even have basic common sense.

NATO countries have only been supporting the massacre of Russians in Donbas. NATO’s making noise of human rights is mere posturing. Distressed by the continuous massacre of Russians, Russia was compelled to wage this war. Russia’s fault is that it delayed it by eight years. Russia should have started this war eight years ago.

Much has already been written about the current US President Joe Biden that he is not a good man. His party is no good either. Zelensky is ready to sell his own country for drugs and dollars. The massive support in United Nations to pass American resolution has been obtained through coercion and ‘dollars’. The Russian side has been suppressed by censorship and sanctions. India’s mainstream media has been completely clueless about the real underlying issues in this Ukraine Russia war.


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