28 May is Black Day in Baloch History: Akhtar Nadeem Baloch

Akhtar Nadeem Baloch, pro-independence leader of occupied Balochistan.
Akhtar Nadeem Baloch, pro-independence leader of occupied Balochistan.

Balochistan’s pro-independence leader Akhtar Nadeem Baloch said in a statement that 28 May, 1998 is the darkest day in Baloch history. It was on 28 May, 1998 when Pakistan conducted its nuclear explosions at Chagai, Ras Koh mountains in occupied Balochistan. It was on this day that Pakistan began its official policy of Baloch genocide.

“This is black day in Baloch history,” said Akhtar Nadeem Baloch. “Nuclear radiation has made the life of already miserable Baloch people even worse. Till today none of the responsible world institutions has taken any serious initiative to address this human tragedy.”

He added that Pakistan’s nuclear tests were a challenge for humanity and with this the doubts of Baloch people came true about the insensitivity of world powers and their lack of vision for humanity’s future.

Akhtar Nadeem Baloch explained that Pakistan’s nuclear tests at Chagai in Balochistan on May 28, 1998 has destroyed the ecosystem of Balochistan. “It has resulted in a drought which prevails across Balochistan even today. Even after 22 years, the Baloch people are facing consequences of nuclear radiation.”

He said that Pakistani nukes were sold in an open market so that countries including North Korea bought it and became nuclear powers. Once ISIS claimed that they can get nuclear weapons from Pakistan. “It is obvious that Pakistani nukes are a danger not only for us but for the whole region and the world.” Akhtar Nadeem Baloch appealed to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other world powers to confiscate Pakistani nukes to save the world.

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