9 year old Hindu girl forcefully converted into Islam and married

forceful conversion and marriage
9 year old Resham with Wazir Hussain who made her marry him (Photo: News Intervention)

In a deeply disturbing incident, a 9-year-old Hindu girl has been subjected to a horrifying fate, having been forcefully married off to a 45-year-old Muslim man after being abducted.

The innocent girl, named Reshma, was forcibly taken by Wazir Hussain from Jacobabad, Sindh. He callously took her to a Sufi dargah where she was coerced into converting to Islam against her will, followed by an unconscionable marriage to him.

This heart-wrenching incident highlights the ongoing and alarming pattern of targeting Hindu minor girls in Pakistan, where they are subjected to the malicious business of forced conversions. Shockingly, even instances of pedophilia are supported by members of the Islamic clergy and, by extension, the authorities.

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