Minorities live in fear as incidents of forced conversion rise in Pakistan

Hindu girl abducted
Abducted Hindu girl Hasena Oad (Photo: News Intervention)

In a deeply alarming incident in Pithoro, Umarkot, Sindh, a Hindu girl named Hasena Oad was forcibly abducted at gunpoint by one Shokat Shar and four other individuals.The girl’s father promptly filed a complaint at the local police station against the five accused of the crime.

Fearing the long persisting target abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girls across Pakistan, girl’s father has raised concerns over her possible religious conversion to Islam and her marriage to the abductor Shokat Shar.

As usual, police has failed to track the whereabouts of Hasena till now. This distressing incident highlights the increasing prevalence of abductions targeting Hindu girls in the region.

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