BLA freedom fighters kill 9 Pak Army soldiers in occupied Balochistan

Pak Army attacked by BLA and BLF
BLA sarmachaars (freedom fighters). (Representative photo)

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) sarmachaars (freedom fighters) killed nine Pakistan Army soldiers on Friday in two separate battles at Zarghoon and Margat in occupied Balochistan. Dozens of Pakistani soldiers were also injured and the Pak Army suffered heavy loss of arms and ammunition in the twin attacks by BLA fighters. Pakistan Army was aided by gunship helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles during the battle with BLA at Zarghoon, Margat and other adjoining areas near Quetta. BLA freedom fighters retaliated bravely and killed four Pakistani soldiers at Margat and five Pakistani soldiers at Zarghoon.

In Zarghoon, Bolan and adjoining areas, few coal contractors and miners are working directly as collaborators of Pakistani forces. Pakistan Army is building outposts in these area for the security of these collaborators so that they can continue to loot resources of Balochistan. The Baloch freedom fighters oppose this naked loot of resources and are fighting for the independence of Balochistan from Pakistan’s illegal occupation.

“The elements working on payroll of Pakistani occupying military should realise that if this military cannot defend its own soldiers then how are they going to protect their facilitators? BLA has multiple times warned in past and we want to make it clear once more that anyone found working as an informant for the Pakistani military or if anyone engaged in providing supplies to the occupying forces then they will have to bear responsibility for their acts and the resulting consequences,” Jeeyand Baloch, spokesperson of BLA said in his statement.

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