Abduction and conversion of another Hindu minor girl to Islam in Sindh

forced conversion
Victim Bagho Kolhi at dargah (Photo: News Intervention)

In a disturbing incident, a minor Hindu girl named Maya, a resident of Bagho Kohli, Sindh, has been abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.

The conversion took place at the hands of Peer Agha Jaan Sarhandi at the Dargah Gulzar-e-Khalil in Samaro.Following her conversion, Maya was married off to a Muslim man named Muhammad Ramzan. The incident has sparked outrage among the local Hindu community and human rights activists, who are demanding immediate action and justice for the victim.

Notably, Sindh has the highest population of Hindus in Pakistan and therefore witnesses most cases of forced conversion. The forced Islamisation of religious minorities has led to the steep decline in their population in the Islamic Republic.

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