Pak Army continues forced disappearances of several persons in Dera Bugti

Several individuals from Dera Bugti region are forcibly disappeared by Pak Army
Victims of Enforced Disappearance (Photo: Web)

The Pak Army has taken several individuals into custody and transferred them to undisclosed locations. 

Reportedly, during a search operation conducted by the Pak Army in various areas of Sui in Dera Bugti district Pak-occupied Balochistan, the oppressive Pak Army detained several individuals and transferred them to an unknown location, after which they were unreachable.  

The victims of enforced disappearances are identified as Dost Ali son of Dosteen Bugti, Balach son of Shah Mur Bugti, Dilshad son of Abid Hussain, Yaseen son of Ghulam Mustafa Bugti, Saleh son of Hazar Khan Bugti, Yousuf son of Zahoor and Pupal son of Lal Bakhsh Bugti.

During this so-called search operation, the Pak Army broke into their houses and subjected the residents to violence.

In addition to the above list of victims of enforced disappearance, there are several other individuals whose identities have not been ascertained yet but have fallen victim to enforced disappearance.

For the past five days, Surbandhar an area of Gwadar has also been under military siege. Reportedly, every night at 11 p.m., forces encircle the entire area and conduct search operations, intimidate and torture the residents. Around 25 Surbandhar residents have been forcibly disappeared, with some subjected to torture and later released, while the whereabouts of seven locals—Sameer Hamza, Dur Mohammad, Umair Aslam, Mohsin Raheem Baksh, Niaz, Nizam Mohammad Jan, Bilal Raza Mohammad remain unknown.

This incident is not uncommon, since Pakistan’s forceful occupation of Balochistan in 1948 the region has been subjected to exploitation of its resources and systematic oppression of its people by the Pak Army. The enforced disappearances, perpetrated by the Pak Army, have become alarmingly frequent, with reports emerging regularly of individuals vanishing without a trace. The discovery of bodies, often bearing signs of torture, further underscores the severity of the situation. Balochistan remains embroiled in a struggle for justice and recognition of its people’s rights, as enforced disappearances continue to plague the region.

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