Abduction and conversion of Hindu girls on the rise in Sindh

abduction o f hindu girls
Victim Sunita With abductor (Photo: News Intervention)

Abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girls is on the rise in Pakistan. In the latest development, a girl named Sunita has been abducted from Jhuddo city of Mirpurkhas district in Sindh. She was abducted by a man named Jan Muhammad. Jan Muhammad not only abducted her but also converted her to Islam and forcibly married her. This resembles the horrific trend in abduction and conversion of Hindu girls.

Similarly, Poonam Meghwar, another Hindu girl, was abducted and married to Nawaz Ali, after being converted to Islam in Tando Ghulam Hyder city of Tando Muhammad Khan district in Sindh. It is worth noting that the girls in most of the cases are minors, sometimes even less than 10 years of age.

One family, two victims

In yet another gruesome act, a Hindu family has been targeted for the second time in four months. Earlier, their daughter Rehmat Bheel was abducted and converted to Islam and now the daughter-in-law, Dhani Bheel, has been abducted by a radical Islamist named Dilwar Aijaz. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

These major incidents have happened in a while, but no strict action has been taken by the establishment. Instead, the perpetrators are provided with a tacit consent. In all such cases, Hindu girls are targeted because they are a soft target for these radical Islamists. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, many radical Islamic clerics influence the mindset of Muslim youth and make them bigoted. Muslim youths are told to Islamise the entire world and that any act in that direction would be a pious one. This fanatic ideology drives them to commit the heinous crimes against Hindu and other minority girls and women. Since the clerics patronise them, they get full protection. Even the leaders of the majority community who bow down in front of the clerics try to shield the perpetrators.

The judiciary, which is left to act, is fed with the forged age certificates and documents of wilful conversion. This gruesome condition and agony of Hindus is going unheard and the crime against them are rising at a faster rate.

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