Minor Hindu girls forcefully married & converted to Islam in Sindh

abduction and marriage of minor hindu girls
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In the ruthless and unending string of abductions and conversions of minor Hindu girls in Pakistan, another unfortunate girl has had her name added to the list. Premi, daughter of Moti Meghwar was forcibly abducted from her house in Tharparkar, Sindh and was converted to Islam.

As per her conversion paper, she has now been named Najma. She got converted by Pir Ayub Jan Farooqui, a radical Islamic fundamentalist operating from Samaro, Umerkot (Amarkot). Pir Ayub Jan Farooqui is known for carrying out illicit and coerced Islamisation of Hindus in the region. Reports suggest that Pir Ayub Jan Farooqi aka Pir Ayub Jan Sirhandi targets Hindus especially girls from Umarkot (Amarkot)  and Tharparkar. These two districts have significant Hindu population of about 65% including the one of the poorest communities- Meghwar, Bheel and Kolhi. Asad Chandio, a veteran Sindhi journalist, in an interaction with media had said, “Pir Farooqui has vowed that he will not rest at ease until each and every Hindu in Umarkot and Tharparkar convert to Islam.”

Conversion Certificate Issued By Pir Ayub Jan Farooqui, Samaro, Umarkot, Sindh (Photo: News Intervention)

Unfortunately, this is happening under the nose of Paki establishment and no action has eve been taken to stop it.

Married off to Maulana

Nonetheless, the troubles for Premi didn’t end with the conversion only. After her conversion she was coerced into a marriage with an aged Maulana named Aziz-Ur-Rehman. Like every single case of abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girl in Pakistan, Premi was also forced to confess that she has got converted and married out of her own free will. On the basis of forged papers and conversion certificates, poor Premi has now been declared as 20-years-old, who got converted to Islam and married to Maulana with her own choice.

The so-called “Affidavit of free will” also accuses her parents of trying to frame Maulana in fake charges and planning to kill them both. Evidently, the poor minority communities who face persecution and lawlessness on a daily basis in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan don’t have the power to frame a radical Islamist that has got patronage from the cleric as well as the court, especially a bigoted Maulana. It is nothing but a proof that Islamisation in Pakistan is carried out with proper planning and with contribution from every stackholder involved in the process viz, cleric, law enforcement, politicians and judiciary.

Meanwhile another incidents also surfaced where conversions and abductions of Hindu women and girls had taken place. In Khipro, Sindh a minor Hindu girl named Shanti, daughter of Sanwal has been abducted and converted to Islam by Nazeer Kumbar, she is reported to have been married off to abductor.

Frequent cases in few days

Amidst the frequent tragic cases of abduction and conversion, a case of illegal conversion of a Hindu women along with her children has also shocked the community. Monar was taken to the infamous Bharchundi Sharif Dargah in Daharki, Sindh. She was taken to the dargah with her three minor kids. The radical bigot Javed Ahmad Quadri converted all of them to Islam.

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