Hindu minor girl kidnapped and sold into marriage in Sindh

abduction of hindu
Jewat Lohano family (Photo: News Intervention)

A distressing incident has come to light in Mithi Tharparkar, Sindh, where a 14-year-old Hindu girl and her mother were reportedly kidnapped. The father, Jewat Lohano, has claimed that Noorjahan Gahlaro, a woman from Umarkot, persuaded his wife to accompany her, but instead kidnapped both mother and daughter. Tragically, the minor girl was allegedly sold into marriage.

The abduction and forced marriage of minor Hindu girls in Sindh have sadly been persistent issues, exacerbated by the tacit support from authorities and the judiciary in Pakistan. However, the recent incident involving a woman selling a minor girl into marriage represents a new low in the ongoing oppression faced by Hindus in Sindh.

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