Minor Hindu girls’ abductors get Court’s patronage in Sindh

Sanjana Meghwar abducted from Hyderabad (Photo: News Intervention)

Minor Hindu girls are under continuous threats of abduction, religious conversion and marriage to the abductor in Sindh.

On 11 June, a minor Hindu girl named Sanjana Meghwar was abducted from Hyderabad, Sindh by Arshad Punjabi. He forcefully converted her to Islam and married her. Seeking justice parents moved to the court.

However, yesterday court rejected their plea and handed Sanjana over to Arshad. On similar lines, another Hindu minor girl, Raveena Meghwar was abducted few days ago. Now she too has been converted to Islam and married to abductor. The court even gave her custody to the same abductor.

It is unfortunate to see that law adjudicating courts have turned into an instrument of religious fanaticism ignoring juvenile and minority rights.

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