Ahmadiyyas denied Eid celebrations and qurbani across Pakistan

ahmadiyyas attacked in pakistan
Copy of notice by DSP Hafizabad (Photo: News Intervention)

The persecution and exclusion of Ahmadiyyas in Pakistan is an undeniable truth. Once again, this sect is facing threats from Islamic fanatics in the country. They have been barred from celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha.

In a significant development, DSP of Hafizabad issued a legal notice on behalf of the Home Department and Deputy Commissioner. The notice orders all the police stations to ensure that no Ahmadiyya muslim performs the ritual sacrifice known as Qurbani. Furthermore, the notice demanded imprisonment for any Ahmadiyya individual found participating Qurbani. Similarly, the Lahore Bar Association and District Bar Association of Sargodha also issued notices restricting Ahmadiyyas from celebrating Eid and engaging in sacrificial offerings. These oppressive measures have also been enforced by the occupying forces in Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK).

Basically, the distressing sequence of events attempts to justify that sacrifice is an integral part of Islam. And that Ahmadiyyas, being considered non-Muslims, are prohibited from performing sacrifices. This radicalization is thriving under the influence of extremism propagated by Pakistan. The sacrifices made by the Ahmadiyyas are deemed blasphemous, subjecting them to potential trials.

These occurrences vividly demonstrate the complete disregard for minority rights and the flagrant violation of human rights in Pakistan, an issue that the clerics and government of Pakistan openly endorse.

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