Putin endorses ‘Make in India’ success story

Russia endorses make in India
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Vladimir Putin (Photo: PTI)

In a recent statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the positive impact of India’s ‘Make in India’ concept on the country’s economy. According to RT, Putin praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for introducing the initiative, stating that it had a visible effect on India’s economic growth. The Russian President made these remarks during an event held in Moscow.

Putin said, “Our friends in India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a great friend of Russia, a few years ago presented a concept ‘Make in India’ and it had a very visible effect on the Indian economy.”

Drawing inspiration from India’s success, Putin urged his own country to promote domestic products and brands. RT reported that he highlighted India as an example to encourage similar efforts in Russia. This endorsement reflects the growing strength of the bilateral relationship between Russia and India.

Moreover, Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov emphasized the robustness of the “special Russia-India strategic partnership” during a state reception in New Delhi commemorating the National Day of the Russian Federation. Despite ongoing attempts to disrupt relations, Alipov affirmed that the partnership between the two nations continues to grow stronger than ever.

He added, “The indispensable truth however is- the special Russia-India strategic partnership has shown strength and we keep growing stronger than ever”.

The recognition from President Putin and the reaffirmation of the strong bilateral ties by Ambassador Alipov underscore the significance of the strategic partnership between Russia and India and its potential for further collaboration in various sectors.

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