All Pakistan Paramedical Staff Federation lambasts Pakistan Army over abduction of doctors

doctors abducted in pakistan
Abducted Dr. Ismail (Photo: News Intervention)

The All Pakistan Paramedical Staff Federation, through its representatives, has expressed deep apprehension regarding the recent abduction of doctors, particularly highlighting the case of Dr. Ismail. Dr. Ismail, undergoing orthopedic training at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center in Karachi, was forcibly taken from his home on November 11, 2023, by unidentified individuals and has since remained missing.

In response to this distressing incident, The All Pakistan Paramedical Staff Federation President Jamal Shah Kakar, General Secretary Hafiz Muhammad Usman Zehri, and Chairman Karim Agha conveyed their serious concerns. They emphasized that while healthcare professionals dedicate their lives to combating life-threatening illnesses like Congo and Corona, they are unfortunately becoming targets of abductions.

President Jamal Shah Kakar underscored that the government must not turn a blind eye to such abductions targeting doctors and healthcare providers. He warned the government operating in Pakistan and occupying governments in Sindh and Balochistan, stating that immediate action to rescue and ensure the safe return of Dr. Muhammad Ismail is imperative. Failure to do so may prompt the Paramedics Federation to initiate a countrywide protest, including a boycott of services, holding the occupying government of Sindh accountable for the consequences.

The federation’s statement also urged the Caretaker Chief Minister of Pakistan occupied Balochistan to take decisive steps at the provincial level to facilitate Dr. Ismail’s recovery. Additionally, they emphasized the urgency of establishing contact with the occupying government in Sindh to expedite the safe retrieval of Dr. Ismail.

The abduction of doctors has been a long persistent issue in Pakistan. Even the doctors have been abducted on the indications of Pakistan Army that runs the country from backdoor. While it is still a matter of question that who abducted Dr. Ismail, the expectation of his return, especially in a country where army operates like goons, remain minimal.

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