Sindh witnesses abduction and forceful conversion of a Hindu mother of four children

abduction and conversion in sindh
Sai Baksh (Left), Victim Pangla Bheel (Right) (Photo: News Intervention)

A chilling incident has struck Shahdadpur city of the Sanghar district in Sindh, where Pangla Bheel, a Hindu mother of four children, was forcibly abducted from her home.

The situation took a dire turn as Pangla, along with her four kids, became a victim of forced conversion to Islam against her will. Even more alarming, she was purportedly married off to a Muslim man. What makes the case worse is the confession of the person whom she has been married.

In a viral video on social media, the man (speaking in Sindhi) tells his name Sai Baksh and claims that he didn’t even knew Pangla before he got married to her. As per him, some people abducted her and then converted her. Later she was brought to him and he married her. This shocking revelation highlights the looming condition of Hindu women, as they neither have rights, security and a choice to marry someone.

This incident isn’t isolated; tragically, it adds to a series of similar cases where Hindu girls and women are forcibly converted to Islam before being married off to radical Islamists. The plight of the Hindu community in Pakistan remains a deeply concerning issue, exacerbated by the lack of protection and justice.

Amidst this turmoil, the Islamic clerics often lend their support to radical Islamists who orchestrate these illegal conversions, while the authorities, including the police, often turn a blind eye. Worse still, a nexus of anti-minority factions utilizes falsified documents to depict these coercive actions as voluntary choices.

This distressing reality of Hindus in Pakistan remains largely unnoticed by international human rights organizations. The voices of those affected by these atrocious acts as echo in the silence of indifference, highlighting a grave disregard for basic human rights and religious freedoms.

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