Another Christian family implicated under the unjust ‘Blasphemy Law’ in Pakistan

Copy of FIR lodged on the Christian family
Copy of FIR lodged on the Christian family

Another Christian family has been implicated under the controversial blasphemy law by Pakistan in Punjab.

Shoukat Masih and his wife Kiran have been booked under Section 295B by the Police in Dogage Town, Lahore Cantt. As per the FIR, the couple have allegedly torn the pages of the Quran and thrown them outside their house.

The incident was reported when a man standing near the house of Shoukat and Kiran saw some pages flying outside the window. The pages were found to be of the Quran and hence a case was registered.

However, the couple have argued that they didn’t commit the act instead, it was their minor children, who would have probably done it.

Since the Jaranwala attack, Christians are being targeted in Pakistan. The blasphemy law that was crafted by the government has largely been used to curb the minorities in Pakistan. In Punjab, Christians have emerged to be the most affected minority.

Blasphemy law has made the religious minorities vulnerable from two sides. On one hand, Pakistani ‘establishment’ is using the unjust law to carry on their persecution under the garb of constitution. And on the other, the radical Islamists are targeting them with full impunity leading them to fear.

One such instance of horror and fear could be witnessed in Punjab’s Tandlianwala. As per reports, as many as hundred Christian families have left their homes and fled from the Christian colony.

The unjust blasphemy law has not only vitiated the environment but also started a chain of hate crimes against, and horrendous persecution of, religious minorities. So, it would not be an exaggeration to say that what is happening to religious minorities across Pakistan, is actually sponsored by the unjust establishment of Pakistan.     

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