Christians again under attack in Pakistan after Jaranwala incident

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Weeks after the Jaranwala incident of mass vandalization of Churches on the call of radical clerics, Christians are again under attack.
In a viral video, a Christian man belonging to Sheikhpura in Lahore expressed the horrific situation saying that Jaranwala like call had been made from the local mosque. Frightened by the call, he along with his family fled their house and reached an unknown location. He stated that various other families have also fled the locality and are seeking refuge.

In the video, the man elucidates how an argument between a Christian man and a Muslim led to the atrocious calls. The allegations of blasphemy have been put on the local Christians and a large mob of radical Islamists had gathered to conclude the mischievous “purge”.

The aforesaid man urged the authorities to take strict measures to protect them and their houses. Blasphemy has been used as a brutal tool to target the religious minorities in Pakistan. Apparently, Hindus and Christians are under attack. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has crafted the law to oppress and harass the religious minorities, as a result, the radicalized individuals exploited it and made an environment of absolute anarchy.  

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