Another Christian man killed by a mob of Islamist fundamentalists in Punjab, Pakistan

christian man killed in pakistan
Desecrated Church and Radicalised Mob (Photo: News Intervention)

Days after the radical lslamists ransacked 21 Churches and various other houses of Christian minorities, another Christian man has been killed by a mob of Islamic fundamentalists in Sheikhpura Punjab, Pakistan.

A viral video being circulated on social media, shows a frenzied mob targeting a man named Malik Ijaz, while the gunshots could be heard in the background. The mob barged into his house and vandalized it. They looted and threw the belongings on the road.  Later, Ijaz was shot dead.

In addition, a church was also desecrated by the radical Islamists belonging to Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). They also inscribed phrases related to Allah and Prophet, on the walls of the Church. The erasure of which could potentially incite another blasphemy case.

The Pakistan government has so far failed to stop these acts. And that is probably because of its overindulgence with the groups that are involved in such heinous acts. The conditions of minorities is descending across Pakistan and the law enforcement have knelt down in front of the Paki radical Islamists.

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