JSFM slams Pakistan over burning of churches and Fatima’s death

JSFM criticizes Pakistan
Burnt churches in Jaranwala (left) and deceased body of Fatima (right) (Photo: News Intervention)

In a shocking turn of events, the recent incident in Jaranwala has ignited widespread condemnation, with the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) at the forefront, denouncing the act. The press release issued by the JSFM center has highlighted the gravity of the situation and its implications on society.

The chairman of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, Sahil Abro, along with key members including Vice President Zubair Sindhi, Amr Azadi, Sudhu Sindhi, Hafiz Deshi, and Parh Sindhu, expressed their profound disappointment over the incident. They strongly condemned the event, emphasizing that such atrocities tarnish humanity’s collective conscience.

Punjab Pattern In Working

The press release emphasizes the recurring pattern of such incidents in Punjab. The JSFM leaders assert that under the guise of religion, certain individuals resort to heinous acts, including burning people alive and targeting places of worship. The incident in Jaranwala, where a Christian place of worship was set ablaze, is seen as another link in this chain of events.

Furthermore, the JSFM leadership raised concerns about the involvement of state institutions in supporting those who employ religious extremism as a weapon. The leaders questioned the lack of legal consequences for those who perpetrate acts like burning graves in the name of religion. They also highlighted the immense suffering inflicted upon the Christian community, asserting that such actions are not only inhumane but also demonstrate the impact of state-backed extremism on families.

Similarly, on the tragic incident in Ranipur, the JSFM leadership expressed deep sorrow over the loss of innocent child Fatima. They strongly condemned the event and called for a thorough and transparent inquiry into the incident. The tragic event in Ranipur, where 10-year-old innocent Fatima lost her life after being tortured and raped by the Pir in Khairpur, got widespread attention when a video went viral on social media. The viral video in which Fatima was yearning before dying has prompted widespread grief and underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive investigation.

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