Baloch freedom fighters launch attacks on Pakistan Army across Pak-occupied Balochistan

Baloch Armed Groups Claim Responsibility for Strikes on Pakistan Army
Pakistan Army (Photo - X)

In recent developments, two prominent pro-independence groups executed three separate attacks on the Pakistan Army in various areas of Pak-occupied-Balochistan, resulting in multiple casualties. The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) claimed responsibility for two of these attacks.

According to a press release issued on Friday by BLF spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch, Sarmachars targeted a Pakistan Army personnel in a sniper attack in Gwadar district. The incident occurred at 4:30 p.m .on February 14, when a BLF sniper shot and killed an officer standing outside a checkpoint in the Bagani Kaur area of Gwadar.

BLF also launched another attack on a Pakistan Army picket located on Sorap Bridge in the Turbat Gokdan area of Kech district. Major Gwahram further explained that this assault, executed with automatic weapons, resulted in the immediate death of one officer and the injury of another. The spokesperson mentioned that their fighters had strategically ambushed the area, launching the attack as soon as the officers entered the post.

Attack on Pakistan Army

Simultaneously, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) announced in a press release on Friday that their fighters targeted a Pakistan Army post in Sibi during an attack on Thursday night. BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch reported that their fighters used automatic weapons to attack the Army post near the railway station in the suburbs of Dhadar. The assault resulted in the immediate death of two personnel and injuries to several others.

As of now, the Pakistan armed forces have not issued any comments regarding the claims made by the Baloch freedom groups. Both the BLF and BLA have expressed their determination to continue these attacks on the Pakistan Army until achieving the independence of Balochistan.

Pak-occupied Balochistan is enduring violence for decades under the Pak Army. Baloch community is indiscriminately shot, abducted and extrajudicially killed. Once a resource rich province, now lies in the ruins because of bullets from the Army.

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