Assassinated Sindhi nationalist’s daughter slams Pakistan Army for her father’s death

assassination of Sindhi nationalist
Sasui Lohar with her father Hidayat Lohar and sister (Photo: News Intervention)

Strong agitations were witnessed after Sindhi nationalist leader, a schoolteacher and a vocal critic of enforced disappearances, Hidayat Lohar was fatally shot to death on February 16. Hidayat Lohar was persistently under the threat posed by Pakistan Army and its assailant. After his brutal killing, his daughter Sasui Lohar, who is also an activist raising voice against Pak-sponsored enforced disappearance slammed Pakistan Army and its puppet administration for not registering an FIR regarding her father’s murder.

She said that in 2017, when his father was abducted on his way to school, at that time he entered into a scuffle with the perpetrators. As a result, some identity revealing documents of the perpetrators, like IDs fell off the ground. She was asked to keep quiet or her father would be killed.

And now when her father has been killed, she has reached out to the police to expose them as Pakistan Army got her father killed despite her keeping quiet. But the police which is under the thumb of Pakistan Army is refraining from even registering an FIR. Sasui says that since the last few weeks, the death threats to his father had increased and was ultimately killed near his school.

She agonises accusing Pakistan Army saying that they had her father killed. She says that she has every evidence but the police is not giving an ear to their complaints and pleas. All she is getting is ignorance on her father’s brutal broad daylight killing. Notably, the killing of Hidayat Lohar yet again highlights the oppression of Sindhi community at the hands of authoritarian Pakistani regime.

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