Baloch student’s Mother appeals for son’s return after 14 years of abduction by Pakistan Army

Zakir Majid Baloch's Mother Demands Answers After 14 Years
Zakir Majid's Mother's Desperate Plea (Photo - Social Media)

In a heart-wrenching appeal, the mother of Zakir Majid Baloch, a student activist who disappeared 14 years ago, expressed her anguish during a press conference at the Quetta Press Club. With the support of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons leaders, she spoke passionately about her enduring struggle for answers and justice.

Zakir Majid’s mother explained that for over a decade, she has been visiting the press club, clinging to the hope that someone’s heart would be moved to provide information about her son, Zakir Majid Baloch. The agony of not knowing his fate has tormented her throughout these long, painful years. However, despite her unwavering determination, there is still no word about Zakir Majid.

The Zakir Majid Baloch Story

The tragic story began on June 8, 2009, when Zakir Majid was forcibly taken from Mustung Parangabad. In response, she and her family established a protest camp in front of the press club that lasted for over two months. Their peaceful protests aimed to highlight the enforced disappearance of Zakir Majid and demanded answers and justice. However, it seems that peaceful political and democratic protests are not given the importance they deserve in Pakistan.

Zakir Majid Baloch was not just a student leader; he also served as the senior vice-chairman of the Baloch Students Organization – Azad (BSO-A). Despite their relentless 60-day protest in front of the press club, Zakir Majid was neither released nor presented in court.

The family’s determination did not waver; they even staged a hunger strike camp in Karachi to raise awareness and demand Zakir Majid’s recovery. However, the hope for his return remained unfulfilled. The family then embarked on a long march from Quetta to Islamabad via Karachi, yet, despite their fervent demonstrations, Zakir Majid’s release remains a distant dream.

Enforced Disappearance

Zakir Majid’s mother implored the Pak Army to show compassion, emphasizing that a mother’s love for her child never fades. The anguish of being separated from her son for 14 long years is something no mother should have to endure. She questioned why Pakistan continues to torment a mother by forcibly disappearing her son, and whether this level of injustice aligns with their legal system and religious values.

She urged the state to engage in dialogue and to take her plea for Zakir Majid’s recovery seriously. Fourteen years of separation have been an unbearable burden, and the pain of Zakir Majid’s enforced disappearance cannot be ignored. She appealed to all individuals in society to support their relentless struggle for justice.

The plea was also extended to international organizations, the Pak Army, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan, urging them to take action and help reunite Zakir Majid with his family, bringing an end to their enduring nightmare.

For far too long, Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan has witnessed enforced disappearances, targeting political activists, students, and civilians by the Pak Army. They are subjected to torture, and their lifeless bodies are discarded in isolated areas. Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its existence and freedom from Pakistan.

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