POJK: Pakistan Army abducts Kashmiri father and son, coerces them into terrorism

Pakistan Army Abducts Six Kashmiri Youths
Pakistan Army abducts Kashmiri youth (Photo - Social Media)

Pak-occupied Jammu & Kashmir, the part of Jammu and Kashmir under the illegal occupation of Pakistan is facing a serious problem of abduction of the Kashmiri youths. These Kashmiris are being abducted by Pakistan Army and are coerced into the terror industry. The latest victims are reported to be a father and son duo.

Yousouf and his 20-year-old son Ummer were abducted on 3rd October, more than a month ago, from Dudhnial in Neelam Valley. Since then the family is raising it’s voice and demanding their safe return. However, their calls go unheard in front of the colonial regime which occupies them and is actually the root cause of the problem.

After abduction, Pakistan Army forced them for training in terrorism and forced them to deliver arms and drugs across LOC. Those who do not oblige the orders are killed. Since they control the region, the missing complaints are not considered and the dead body is never recovered.

The entire Jammu and Kashmir is going through a transformation since past few years. This is evident by the growing trust of native people in Indian democracy and distrust in Pakistani occupation and colonialism. Fortunately, this has helped the J&K governance to curb the terror graph more quickly. Pakistan, on the other hand, has undergone a multifaceted damage to it’s terror modules and programs. Firstly, their terror nexus in the free J&K is now almost coming to an end, secondly, people in POJK are now refraining to become a terror puppet of Pakistan against it’s own people across LOC. And so, Pakistan is trying to revive it’s terror based separatism model of instigating unrest in free J&K by abducting Kashmiris and coercing them into its terror factory.

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