Balochistan: Female Baloch students protest against lack of teachers in Barkhan college

Female students of Barkhan College protest
Protesting female students of Barkhan College (Photo: News Intervention)

Protest erupted in the Barkhan district of Balochistan. Female students from the government girls’ college carried out the protest against the inefficient functioning of the college.

According to the protesting girls, the college lacks basic educational facilities, with the absence of teaching staff being a prominent issue. It is reported that out of 10 positions, 9 are vacant, and no teaching staff have been recruited so far. As a result, students are compelled to abandon their chosen subjects.

The problem has continued since months. On August 16, 2023, the Deputy Commissioner of Barkhan visited the Government Girls Inter College. The students along with the principal raised the concern regarding the same.  However, no measures has been taken so far. The college has become non-functional and is closed.

Students of the college have carried out a unique protest by organizing a sit-in protest in the darkness of the night. But the administration has not taken cognizance of the matter. This is simply because there are handful of people in Pakistan who know the importance of education. And fact of the matter is that the administration does not want them to study because they fear the educated Baloch.

After the night protest, the students carried out a peace walk to protest and demand the right of education from the authorities. The lack of staff and negligence over girl’s education highlights the similarities between Pakistan and Taliban, where also the girls education has been stopped by the terrorist regime.

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