Pak forces thrash students protesting at BUET in Balochistan

pak forces lash out on students
Pak forces In BUET Khuzdar (Photo: Social Media)

The student of the Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Khuzdar are being physically assaulted by the Pak FC forces.

A couple of days ago, the students of the University announced boycott of the examination demanding a reduction in fees, restoration of scholarships, lifting of restrictions on study circles and the removal of unnecessary surveillance cameras in the campus. After the student voice became profound, the University management called the Frontier Corps to disperse the protesting students. It is reported that the forces incorporated coercive measures to curb the protest. Some of the students were arrested and are still in the Police custody. Calling the armed forces to deal brutally with the protest of students depicts the sorry state of human rights violation in Balochistan.

Later at night, the negotiations were carried out between the protesting students and the university which ended without yielding a solution. The Grand Student Alliance has accused the university administration of assigning the responsibility of the examination to the comptroller, who has a history of intimidating the students.

Since then, the students are on a sit-in protest. On 16 July, the Grand Student Alliance announced to convert their sit-in protest into a token hunger strike, witnessing the ignorance of BUET administration.

Now, once again, the forces have been called to the campus to deal with the protesting students. In a series of various videos surfacing on the social media, it is apparent that the protestors are being thrashed by the cops on the call of University administration. Amidst the continuing conflict, various student organizations have extended solidarity with the Grand Student Alliance.  

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