Multiple attacks by BLF on Pak Army across Balochistan

BLA attacks across balochistan
BLF media release (Photo: Social Media)

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) carried out four attacks on the occupying Pakistan Army and a construction company’s vehicles in three different locations of Turbat, Tump and Buleda.

On July 15, BLF freedom fighters targeted a checkpoint of the Pakistan Army in Sangani Sar, Turbat. In a first, BLF personnel threw hand grenade on the checkpost. From the other side they opened fire in which one enemy personnel of the occupying forces was killed. The camp also incurred serious financial losses.

In a separate incident on the same day, armed BLF freedom fighters intercepted a loaded bulldozer on the truck which belonged to a construction company. The truck was on its way from Turbat to Zamran when it was thwarted by BLF operatives at Bulaida and set on fire. The truck driver and crew, being of Baloch origin, were left with a warning. In his statement, Major Gwahram Baloch, the spokesperson of BLF has warned the companies to stay away from the exploitative projects in Balochistan.

Apart from these attacks, an attack was also carried out by BLF on July 14. Two different groups of BLF operatives launched two different attacks on Phulabad area of Tump. In the first attack at 3 PM, sarmaachars threw grenade at the occupying Pak Army post while in the second attack at 9 p.m., another group fired six rounds of A-1.  The attacks caused heavy losses and resulted in significant casualties.

Since its formation in 1964, BLF has contributed to the Balochistan liberation cause in both Iran and Pakistan. As of now it is firmly proceeding towards its goal of freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan who annexed the sovereign state of Balochistan in 1948.

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