Balochistan’s ongoing struggle for liberation from Pakistan: BNM Chief, Netherlands

August 11: Balochistan's Fight for Identity
BNM Foreign Secretary Hamal Haider Baloch (Photo - News Intervention)

A commemorative event was held by BNM Netherlands on Balochistan’s Independence Day (August 11), shedding light on the region’s historical struggle for self-determination. Hamal Haider Baloch, the BNM Foreign Secretary, addressed participants, emphasizing the significance of the day and the ongoing challenges faced by Balochistan.

Speaking to the participants of the program, BNM Foreign Secretary Hamal Haider Baloch said that August 11 is an important day in the history of Balochistan. On the same day, Balochistan was liberated from British occupation, but unfortunately, after a few months, it was taken over by Pakistan by force, which is of no importance as since the beginning, the Baloch nation has been continuously fighting against the forced occupation of Pakistan.

Abdul Wahid Baloch, the President of BNM Netherlands, and Vice President Didug Baloch also expressed their views during the event. They stressed the importance of uniting and organizing the Baloch national movement, while acknowledging that differing opinions and criticisms are part of the political landscape. They emphasized the need to learn from past mistakes and not rationalize them, as delaying understanding only leads to further difficulties.

The speakers highlighted the long history of resistance against powerful forces that seek to occupy sovereign states under various pretexts. They recognized the sacrifices made by countless individuals who have dedicated their lives to the cause. Despite facing various challenges, the Baloch nation has steadfastly remained on the path of resistance, demonstrating unwavering commitment to their identity and aspirations.

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