Nervous Pakistan Army arrests Pashtun leaders Ali Wazir & Imaan Mazari

Pakistan Army arrests pashtun leaders Ali Wazir (left) and Imaan Mazari (right) after the massive PTM rally at Islamabad on August 18.

Pakistani “establishment” has arrested Pashtun leaders Ali Wazir and Imaan Mazari along with dozens of other Pashtun activists in their desperate effort to suppress assertive Pashtuns from exposing the gruesome atrocities of Pakistan Army. Policemen and rangers raided the home of Shireen Mazari, mother of Imaan Mazari and former minister in Imran Khan’s government, and forcibly dragged away Imaan Mazari. Senior Pashtun leader Ali Wazir has also been abducted on direct orders from GHQ Rawalpindi.

The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) rally at Islamabad on August 18 had been hugely successful where several Pashtun leaders including Manzoor Pashteen, Ali Wazir, Imaan Mazari had rebuked the Pakistan Army for committing murders, extrajudicial abductions and rapes of Pashtuns across Pashtunistan. Manzoor Pashteen demanded Azadi (freedom) for Pashtuns from the Panjabi Pakistani regime. Ali Wazir and Imaan Mazari said in clear terms that the biggest terrorist organisation is Pakistan Army.

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