Bangladesh: Muslim students call for ban of Hindus in govt school

muslim students ban hindu admission
Banner demanding ban on admission of Hindus outside school (Photo: Hindu Voice)

Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh is no hidden fact. Being a minority, Hindus face multiple type of existential challenges there. In the latest development, a call has been made by a Muslim students and their parents to ban the admission of Hindu students in government schools.

The case of this religious discrimination has emerged in Bangladesh’s Chattagram town. As per reports by Hindu Voice, just before the start of the academic year, which starts from January in Bangladesh, some Muslim students and their parents have demanded that the Hindu students should not be given admission to the Government Muslim Higher Secondary School. After making their demands, they also staged a protest along with placards and banners in the school premises.  

Since the concerned school is state owned, this has raised outrage in the Hindu community, who are concerned about such religious discrimination in a state-owned institution. As of now no explanation has been provided by the administration.

Considerably, the hate crimes against Hindus have persisted for long and have only increased in the past few months in Bangladesh. This increase in religious persecution is more concerning given the fact that the country is poised to choose a national government in a few months and the political situations are tumultuous. Accordingly, this worsening condition is only making the Hindu community more vulnerable.  

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