Sindh: Radical Islamists abduct and convert another Hindu girl

abduction and conversion of hindu girls
Representative Photo

Another Hindu minor girl has been converted and married to a Muslim man after being abducted in Sindh’s Ghotki. Reena was abducted and taken to Gol Mosque in Sukkur. She was forcibly converted at the mosque and was married to an unknown Muslim man named Shahzado Chachar. Shahzado Chachar is far more aged than victim Reena. Unfortunately, the gruesome act yet again highlights the precarious conditions of Hindu minor girls in Pakistan.

Getting abducted, forcibly converted, married to abductor or an unknown man and often getting raped are the worst kinds of persecutions that a girl could undergo. Unfortunately, all this is happening to Hindu girls and women in Pakistan. To make it even worse, the justice system also shuts its doors on their face. Instead of providing them a refuge, the judiciary kneels in front of the forged documents and forced statements.

The condition of Hindu girls is worsening with each passing day without any ray of hope.

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