Barkhan tragedy is a painful and heinous crime: Dr. Naseem Baloch

Barkhan tragedy
Dr Naseem Baloch, chairman Baloch National Movement (BNM). (Photo: News Intervention)

Chairman of the Baloch National Movement Dr. Naseem Baloch, in a statement, about the distressing incident in Barkhan said the state and state agents have intensified the Baloch genocide and atrocities. In Barkhan, MPA Abdul Rehman Khetran kept a mother with six children in a private jail including a young girl. They were killed after being subjected to physical, mental and sexual torture for four years. The bodies of these people were found near Abdul Rahman’s mansion on Tuesday. Dr Baloch pleads that the people have to resist this beastly person to respond to this brutality. He opined “There is no room for such characters in Baloch society. Resistance against the state and its agents is the duty of all of us. The Pakistani state has handed over our land to the parliamentary parties by banning the nationalist politics in occupied Balochistan so that they can easily crush and eliminate the Baloch traditions”.

Dr. Naseem Baloch said that the father of the children, Khan Muhammad Gazzeni Marri, appealed for help from the so-called state, state institutions and the so-called tribal leaders on social media, but being a Baloch, no one listened to him. All the tribal figures were silent in the past and are still silent about these killings because they and Abdul Rahman have the same master.

He further added, “Regarding the presence of these children in a private prison, Senator Kamran Murtaza in the Senate of Pakistan, had pointed out that Khan Muhammad’s wife and children are in a private prison of a provincial minister. No one paid attention to this, because all the MPAs in Balochistan are chosen with the blessings of the GHQ. In return, they are assigned the responsibility of atrocities and genocide on the Baloch. At that time, all the members of the so-called assembly are engaged in humiliating the people of Balochistan, mass killings, ending nationalist politics, spying on freedom fighters and spreading religious extremism at the behest of the Pakistani army. Their silence on such incidents is itself a confirmation of our position.”

Abdul Rahman Khetran sexually assaulted Farzana, the little girl of Khan Muhammad Marri, and the fearlessness with which she was killed by cutting her throat on Tuesday, is also proof that the provincial minister is doing everything on the orders of his master [State]. On the other hand, this incident is an attempt to divert people’s attention toward the abduction of Mahal Baloch. Barkhan incident is a very painful and heinous crime. Pakistani institutions have already decided to wipe out the Baloch people. Now it is the time for international organizations to intervene in Balochistan and play a role in stopping the Baloch genocide.

Dr. Naseem Baloch said, “with the support of the state institutions, the so-called provincial minister Abdul Rahman Khetran brutally killed Khan Muhammad Marri’s wife Granaz, his daughter Farzana, his son Muhammad Nawaz, 22, Abdul Qadir, 15, and a little girl. Granaz had accused Abdul Rahman in her life and it was confirmed that the family was forced to live a life of slavery in Abdul Rahman Khetran’s prison. Yet, Abdul Rehman Khetran does not fear the law in killing them because he knows that the state institutions will protect him”

BNM Chairman said even after Barkhan and many similar incidents, if anyone is thinking that he can protect Baloch’s rights, dignity and honor by staying within the framework of Pakistan, then he is very mistaken. Parliamentary party workers should also realize this and support the parties engaged in the Baloch freedom struggle so that tomorrow they can satisfy their conscience and set a good example for future generations. Otherwise, they will be declared as accomplice of characters like Abdul Rahman Khetran.

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