Heavily armed Pak Army targets innocent Baloch civilians

military aggression in balochistan
Pak Army continues its oppressive military operation in Balochistan (Photo:Historyofpia.com)

The Pak Army launched its ground and air offensive on Wednesday morning in the Pahari area of Dasht, between Gwadar and Kech districts of Occupied Balochistan.
According to reports, hundreds of military personnel are taking part in this offensive. Sources say that apart from four gunship helicopters, spy drones are also being used with shelling at some places and SSG commandos on hilltops. According to regional sources, helicopters landed at some places which are unloading military equipment.The Pak Army time and again conduct military operations. Whenever, they conduct military operations human rights are brazenly flaunted, raiding houses, setting up random check posts in different areas and forcibly kidnapping the locals.

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